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print tshirt kanak-kanak dengan design anda sendiri

pelbagai variasi tshirt gildan kanak-kanak

kids T-SHIRT

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sablon kaos anak

Available Color

Kids are always adorable and funny if applied any clothes. Want to make your kids t-shirt more funny? We are the solution. With very comfortable material for kids and a varied choice of color and size a variety that allows you to choose and customize with your own design.

With the material, size and design in accordance with the wishes do not worry about the high cost of shirts for the price we offer very affordable with maximum quality. And we serve the order although one pcs.

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  • Print Area & Materials
  • Type of Inks & FAQ
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Price List

Gildan Premium Cotton Kids 76000B

Size Neo-pigment non White Neo-pigment + white Rubber
A4 A3 A4 A3 A4 A3
XS RM 20 RM 25 RM 30 RM 35 RM 30 RM 35
S RM 20 RM 25 RM 30 RM 35 RM 30 RM 35
M RM 20 RM 25 RM 30 RM 35 RM 30 RM 35
L RM 20 RM 25 RM 30 RM 35 RM 30 RM 35
XL RM 20 RM 25 RM 30 RM 35 RM 30 RM 35

Size Chart

Gildan Premium Cotton Kids

XS33.0 x 45.5 cm
S35.5 x 47.5 cm
M38.0 x 51.0 cm
L40.5 x 55.0 cm
XL43.0 x 58.0 cm
ukuran tersediaWe have 2-3cm size tolerance in every shirt.

Print Area

area print

For printing t-shirt we used special machine which is already in rectangle shape, with size A4 landscape and portrait (21 x 29.7 cm) dan A3 portrait (29,7 x 42 cm ), So the printing areas should be part of that can go into the part of print area (only front area and back area). However, it is possible for customers who have creative ideas to give an image in the arm, elbow, shoulder area and many others, could consulted and discuss with us. With our full-print facility too customer could have t-shirt / dress the whole printed, not only on the standard part that have been mentioned. About our facility full-print t-shirt you can click here.

diagram combed

What is the difference 20s , 24s , and 30s?

  • Yarn 20 is typically used to produce fabric with weight between 180-220 gr/m2 for a single type of knitted needle. (T-shirt material is thick).
  • Yarn 24 is used to produce fabric with weight between 170-210 gr/m2 for a single type of knitted needle. (T-shirt material is medium)
  • Yarn 30 is used to produce fabric with weight between 140-160 gr/m2 . (T-shirt material is thin)

Type of Inks

Differences Neopigment non White, Neopigment+White and Rubber+White

Difference transparent file and non transparent

contoh transparan

color model

Color Accuracy

Colors can change during drying (heat) and file conversion. (RGB – CMYK). If exact color is important to your order, please order sample swatches to see how it looks once it’s printed. Send the file under CMYK to ensure we can get the most accurate color possible.

Which design is good for printed?

Make sure the T-shirt color options in accordance with the design file ( yellow T-shirt with design of the sun, is not suitable ). Make sure extention file PNG. Atau JPG. ( Only 2 of these file of types acceptable for us. Check the resolution of an image : right- click on the image, properties > details > image > dimensions. Minimum resolution 500 x 500 pixels for A4, and 1000 x 1000 pixels for A3. For the easier, please open your image / or file design, zoom to a size about A4 / A3 actual or big as T-shirt and checks whether the file is sharp or blur, if it looks sharp , so then deserves to be printed, and if blur, please replace your design file.

We are not responsible for the results less than the maximum due to the image quality is not good. For the size of the print, make sure your file is in conformity with the size you want.

Production Time

Our regular production time is 3-10 business days, with rush order option available.

Delivery Process?

We use Poslaju for shipping worldwide, start from RM6. For shipping more than 10kg, we can use the Post daftar to save costs. You can also take the clothes in our office.