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Kids & Toddler Tshirt

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kids fullprint

T-shirts is one of most mandatory clothes, no exception for children and babies. Simple and convenient indeed became the hallmarks of a T-shirt. Easy to use and also can be stylish with t-shirts. Children and babies can also appear comfortable and stylish with t-shirts, with a variety of graphics and pattern and also colos can make your sons and daughters look more cute and interesting.

Fullprint t-shirts can be an alternative for you who want to make t-shirts that cute, cool and different with others for your sons and daughters. With the inclusion of the graphics, typography and patterns into fullprint t-shirts , you can create the look of your sons and daughters more different and certainly appear more attractive.

  • Price & Size List
  • Materials
  • How to Order
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Kids & Toddler Tshirt

Size Material
Microfiber Hivitex Axtatex
Baby Tshirt Fullprint
0 (36 x 26cm) RM 30 RM 31 -
1 (38 x 28cm) RM 30 RM 31 -
2 (40 x 30cm) RM 30 RM 31 -
3 (42.5 x 32cm) RM 30 RM 31 -
Kids Tshirt Fullprint
XS (45 x 33cm) RM 32 RM 33 RM 33
S (48 x 36cm) RM 32 RM 33 RM 33
M (51 x 38cm) RM 32 RM 33 RM 33
L (54 x 41cm) RM 32 RM 33 RM 33
XL (58 x 43cm) RM 32 RM 33 RM 33

*Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside

*We have 2-3cm size tolerance in every shirt.



Different textures on both sides :soft on the inside and strong and elastic on the outside.

Material Specification :
  • Rather thick
  • Stiff and look formal
  • Color glazed
  • Texture soft and slippery


Mix polyester, spandex dan nilon.

Material Specification :
  • Rather thick and not transparent
  • Not too stiff and follow the shape of body
  • The color is matte
  • Texture soft and porous material so cool to used

Spandex (Chenna)

The combination of cotton and spandex . Elastic , durable and cool

Material Specification :
  • Thin and not transparent
  • Follow the shape of body
  • The color is matte
  • Texture is smooth and slippery

How to Order

  • For full print order, please download pattern that has been provided in drop down list below next to the size you want.
  • Make sure the downloaded pattern is newest pattern from us
  • Using photoshop software, you can place your image into the pattern our provided.
  • Save as your file with .jpeg format and upload to your dropbox account.
  • If you don/t have Dropbox account, Register your Dropbox account in Here
  • The file size is relatively large, so you need photoshop application and dropbox to send us the pattern file.
  • If you have any questions please contact us in 05-5280854 / 013-4845800 or email to
  • Do not change the pattern, added, rotate or anything like that because it will effect the result of it. And we are not responsible for any different result.