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print polo t-shirt dengan design anda sendiri


Polo T-Shirt

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Polo is the one awesome clothing that can be wear for casual as well as business casual situations. Originally designed for sports, Polo has become a must have for our daily life. offers over 18 colors of polo for your next event or fashion needs.

From Sport to 100% COTTON polo, our Gildan series gives you the perfect quality that you looking for. Simply upload your design, we will print your awesome design in no time!

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Price List

Gildan POLO Shirt 83800

Size Rubber
A4 A3
XS RM 43 RM 48
S RM 43 RM 48
M RM 43 RM 48
L RM 43 RM 48
XL RM 43 RM 48
XXL RM 43 RM 48

Gildan POLO Shirt 73800

Size Rubber
A4 A3
XS RM 43 RM 48
S RM 43 RM 48
M RM 43 RM 48
L RM 43 RM 48
XL RM 43 RM 48
XXL RM 43 RM 48
Additional side :
A4 + RM 5 Rubber
A3 + RM 10 Rubber

Size Chart

Gildan POLO Shirt

XS43 x 61 cm
S47 x 65 cm
M50 x 69 cm
L53 x 71 cm
XL55 x 74 cm
XXL58 x 78 cm

ukuran tersedia
We have 2-3cm size tolerance in every shirt.
tentang kaos

Polo shirt is commonly called T-shirt wangky with casual outfit that made the person who wear it looks more formal. This is because wangky or collar is part of shirts. Polo shirts before was originally use in sports events, likes tennis or any other POLO sports in America. Polo before used porous materials to make players more easier to move.

Print Area

area print

For printing t-shirt we used special machine which is already in rectangle shape, with size A4 landscape and portrait (21 x 29.7 cm) dan A3 (for back side only) portrait (29,7 x 42 cm ), So the printing areas should be part of that can go into the part of print area (only front area and back area). However, it is possible for customers who have creative ideas to give an image in the arm, elbow, shoulder area and many others, could consulted and discuss with us. With our full-print facility too customer could have t-shirt / dress the whole printed, not only on the standard part that have been mentioned. About our facility full-print t-shirt you can click here.