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print sweater hoodie dengan design anda sendiri


Sweater Hoodie

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print sweater hoodie

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For Sweater Hoodie, of course we already know, how this sweater in use every day. The difference with zipper hoodie is, this sweater does not use zippers. This sweater has a hat or head covering, in addition to stylish also can protect our hair from the head and dust, sunlight etc. For its application in daily life, this sweater can be combined with matching other clothes.

We provide this hoodie sweaters in various shades. In addition to a large selection of colors, we also have a lot of options and models, so it makes us have a lot of choice. The quality of the materials we choose, is the best quality, we guarantee quality. Yes, the process is also very quickly without having to wait long. Not that must drain the bag, because the price is very affordable for all walks of life, and do not have to order a lot, so any order unit. , You can already hoodie style with your choice.

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Price List

Local Sweater Hoodie

SRM 52RM 57
MRM 52RM 57
LRM 52RM 57
XLRM 52RM 57

Gildan Hood 88500

SRM 65RM 70
MRM 65RM 70
LRM 65RM 70
XLRM 65RM 70

Size Chart

Local Sweater Hoodie

S50 x 66 cm
M52 x 68 cm
L54 x 71 cm
XL57 x 73 cm

print sweater hoodie

Gildan Hood

SizeWidth (a)Length (b)Sleeve (c)
S53.3 cm62.9 cm83.8 cm
M55.9 cm66.7 cm86.4 cm
L60.7 cm69.9 cm88.9 cm
XL63.5 cm73 cm91.4 cm
XXL66 cm76.2 cm94 cm
We have 2-3cm size tolerance in every shirt.

print sweater hoodie
print sweater hoodie

Sweater Hoodie basically is sweater with hat. Mostly designed with pocket in front and strap for fasten sweater/s hat. Modern style hoodie came from formal cleric clothes of medieval age. Now hoodies loved as up clothes in hip hop culture, skateboard player and surfer. Hoodie common choice for light sport such as jogging and walking. Hoodies next become common for casual clothing and often used with T-shirt inside.

Area Print

area print

For printing t-shirt we used special machine which is already in rectangle shape, with size A4 landscape and portrait (21 x 29.7 cm) dan A3 portrait (29,7 x 42 cm ), So the printing areas should be part of that can go into the part of print area (only front area and back area). However, it is possible for customers who have creative ideas to give an image in the arm, elbow, shoulder area and many others, could consulted and discuss with us. With our full-print facility too customer could have t-shirt / dress the whole printed, not only on the standard part that have been mentioned. About our facility full-print t-shirt you can click here.

color model

Color Accuracy

Colors can change during drying (heat) and file conversion. (RGB – CMYK). If exact color is important to your order, please order sample swatches to see how it looks once it’s printed. Send the file under CMYK to ensure we can get the most accurate color possible.

Which design is good for printed?

Make sure the T-shirt color options in accordance with the design file ( yellow T-shirt with design of the sun, is not suitable ). Make sure extention file PNG. Atau JPG. ( Only 2 of these file of types acceptable for us. Check the resolution of an image : right- click on the image, properties > details > image > dimensions. Minimum resolution 500 x 500 pixels for A4, and 1000 x 1000 pixels for A3. For the easier, please open your image / or file design, zoom to a size about A4 / A3 actual or big as T-shirt and checks whether the file is sharp or blur, if it looks sharp , so then deserves to be printed, and if blur, please replace your design file.

We are not responsible for the results less than the maximum due to the image quality is not good. For the size of the print, make sure your file is in conformity with the size you want.

Production Time

Our regular production time is 3-10 business days, with rush order option available.

Delivery Process?

We use Poslaju for shipping worldwide, start from RM6. For shipping more than 10kg, we can use the Post daftar to save costs. You can also take the clothes in our office.