Tips to Wash Your Fabric Printing Apparel at Home

Tips to Wash Your Fabric Printing Apparel at Home

Maybe you wonder how to wash your fabric printing apparel at home like the custom printed t-shirt, clothes, dress, hats, etc. The big question is whether they will fade if you wash it and just how washable your print fabric apparel is. Actually that depends on the inks, there are two types of inks that usually be used to print fabric: dye based inks and pigment based inks. If you want your apparel to be washable then it is better that the inks you choose is pigment based ink or you need to use pre treated fabric material to make the inks stick.

Anyway, there are some arts that you need to learn when you want to wash the fabric printing apparel at home so you won’t cause some damage on it. Here the basic tips about how to care your apparels with the right way to wash them properly.

Basic tips to wash your fabric printing Malaysia apparel

  1. First, you need to use cold water because it is gentler and will get your clothes clean easily, meaning that you cannot use hot water unless you want to wash hotel’s towels or sheets.
  2. The next step is to turn your apparel like clothes or t-shirt inside out right before you wash and dry it. This will prevent the apparel to fade and actually it is better to do this on most of your clothes even for a non-fabric printing Malaysia one.
  3. Another suggestion is to wash similar clothes or shirts together. And it is mean not only about the same colors, but also the types. Of course you do not want to wash clothes with soft print fabric material with the hard one, right? Because it will damage the soft fabric, for example you do not want to wash your t-shirt with towels, do you?
  4. Never. We repeat, never use bleach or strong chemical detergent products to wash your fabric printing apparels because it will certainty damage them. If there is stain on the apparel, just use a stain remover on the spot only and gently clean it.

After you washing the apparel properly, now it is the time you drying them but remember that do not put the clothes or shirts on hot dryer. If you want to use dryer then set it to the lowest heat level and remover the dryer before the clothes really dry, then let them dry by themselves by hang or lay them out. Okay, that’s several enough tips about how to wash your fabric printing apparel at home.