Where Does Small Fashion Designer get Their Print Fabric Fro

Where Does Small Fashion Designer get Their Print Fabric Fro


Some of you might have dream to become fashion designer since you are interested in fashion world. However you might wonder where do those small fashion designers get their print fabric from? As you know big fabric manufacturer does not receive small orders. Most of the time their minimum order is around 240m for one color, however for larger manufacturer their minimum order is in large quantity of 1000m or even 3000m for one color.

Solution to order fabric printing for small fashion designer

Those minimum orders surely impossible to do for small fashion designer that has just start their fashion brand and using fabric printing as material. Not to mention ordering small from large print fabric manufacturer will cost a lot since they have to specially make the design only for you but in small quantity. Then what is the solution of this problem that most small designer have?

What you can do as a small fashion designer that has just start your own fashion brand is to use the fabric printing Malaysia as provider for your print fabric. With them you do not need to order in large quantities, in fact you can even order 1m of fabric from them if you need it. This would be cheap and easy solution for you who only start your fashion brand and do not have large budget to work with.

Furthermore you can even design your own print in the fabric so the print fabric would be exclusive only for you. That way your design would be special and only for you thus you can get higher value of the item that you offers. If you can create beautiful and unique printing, then you can even use that fabric printing as a selling point of your fashion brand because sometimes design can be monotone but print fabric is a unique thing that you can modified anyway that you want.

For you who are beginner in designing your own print fabric, getting your material from the fabric printing Malaysia would be a good solution since they will be able to help you in term of designing. You can even get some consultation in creating your own design for the fabric printing. That way you can know in deep information from the expert in the field which will greatly help you in starting your own fashion brand without wasting your time and money in the wrong fabric printing manufacturer.