5 Types of The Most Used Materials for Making Bag Items

5 Types of The Most Used Materials for Making Bag Items

custom.my - A bag is a something that we always use wherever we go. So that’s why there is nothing wrong if we want to be more stylish with our bags. Before customizing our bag, we should know about the materials.

5 Types of The Most Used Bag Materials

Maybe, you all ask why? Or for what this article? Yeah, I think I will recommend you to read this tips. Because if we did not know about the material, and we buy bag via the online shop, we are going to regret our stupidity towards the material information. So, there are five types that we want to share now. Let’s check it out!


Denim is the basic materials for making jeans. However, the era began to develop and change the denim to become another stuff such as a jacket, bag, shirt, and even shoes. Denim is also made from natural materials—cotton.


Canvas is often used in the process of making sling bags because the canvas is the strong fabric. Also, a canvas which is frequently used for making sling bags is marsoto canvas and canvas of tarp type.


Leather material is one of the oldest discoveries in the fashion world and this is one another bag material. Also, the leather has been used since prehistoric era. The most commonly used leather is synthetic leather because the material is strong so that it is suitable to be used as the base of bag material.


The type of bag which is made from denier fabric has unique and different characteristics. Because this material has soft and flexible characteristics when viewed from its composition. Another advantage of this material is that dinier fabric is also strong and waterproof so that the items inside are protected.


Spondon known as furing or nonwoven bag is some materials that are mechanically processed and using a particular chemical mixture. This material has a tight and smooth texture, so it is suitable to be made bag, packaging and others. So that’s why, spundond is almost found in tote bag, goodie bag, souvenir and etc.