How to Treat The Baseball Hat and Make It Look Like New One

How to Treat The Baseball Hat and Make It Look Like New One - Got a favourite hat? However, never take good care of it? Any item if treated properly will be durable. For those of you who have their baseball hat, there are some tips how to take care of baseball hat to be a new look. Here are this tips.

How to Treat The Baseball Hat to Something Like New

1. Fill the sink until half full

Make sure you clog the sink, then fill it with cold water half full. Pour one cup full of detergent (choose detergent without bleach) into the water. The sink would be full of soap foam.

2. Spray the stain remover on the hat area

Insert the stain-spraying liquid on the sprayer bottle and spray it on the area with the biggest stain on your hat. Make sure you spray in place of sweat and dirt that accumulates. This method of handling before washing in other areas of the hat.

3. Put the hat into the soapy water

Use a clean cloth, then rub the dirt stains with care. Do it until all the dirt is lifted. If there are stains that are difficult to reach you can use a used toothbrush. Scrub around the part of your hat logo using this toothbrush. The logo on your hat will not be damaged when cleaned in this way.

4. Rinse your hat

Rinse your hat under the cool flow until the water in the sink becomes clear without any soap at all. Set aside your hat on the shelf and remove the water from the sink by removing the blockage.

5. Dry the hat

Take the hat you put on the shelf, then dry your hat with a small towel. Apply some cloth clumps to the inside of the cap to have a shape during the drying process.

6. Dry the hat on the towel

Put your hat on a towel in front of a small fan. In a few hours, your old hat looks new again. Try to dry the hat is not under direct sunlight, so the colour of the hat is maintained.

Besides, there are some suggestions that are highly recommended, in the process of drying the hat. You can use balloons or coffee cans to maintain the shape of a baseball cap when it is dried. Hopefully, this tips can help you how to treat your baseball hat as well as new.