Types of Hats for Men - They will Show Your True Personality

Types of Hats for Men - They will Show Your True Personality

custom.my - Who does not know the hat? It can protect us from the sun or protect our heads from the cold. Hats are fashionable accessories that can be used all circles. Different types of hats are sold in the market, but did you know that each type of hat displays a different personality in the person who wears it?

Types of hats for men: They will show your personality

Below is a type of hat for men that reveals what your personality looks like.

1. Fedora

Fedora was popular in the 1920s until the 1950s. Men wearing this hat are mostly gangsters and illicit people that are associated with men who have the nature of rebels. Fedora is an everyday accessory for many men, especially in the United States. Try this hat with your formal suit, your looks will be gorgeous.

2. Homburg

Cousin of this fedora is perfect for you who want to look the formal business. Homburg made of fur or straw. Unlike the fedora, this hat has the characteristics of decoration or patch on the left side of the fur or ribbon folds. This hat will make your appearances manly and amazing.

3. Trilby

Trilby has a shorter edge and slopes down on the front side and slides up the rear. Trilby grabbed his popularity due to an American car that made it impossible to wear a high hat while driving. Trilby reappeared in the 1990s when boy bands and musicians sprang up. This hat style suit for you whom men that like casual with manly looks.

4. Newsboy

This hat is also called the worker hat. This hat is very popular among adolescents and adults in the 20th century, especially among lower class workers. However, this type of hat is now not only used for newspaper sellers but also for all types of work. The semi-formal dress will match with this hat.

5. Baseball hat

The baseball hat is the most common that people have, both men and women. This hat style fits perfectly with casual events, unified matching with plain shirts or casual shirts and jeans. This type of hat is very simple and comfortable and your face will be protected properly from the hot or cold weather. Men who use this type of hat is simple and friendly.

Here are some types of hats for men, where the choice of their hat types will reveal their individual personality. Hopefully, this post helps you to choose a suitable hat.