Flat Cap Styles for Women? Definitely You Should Try!

Flat Cap Styles for Women? Definitely You Should Try!

custom.my - Flat caps, this hat is quite famous in England. It is very much in demand by various circles both old and young. The materials of the flat caps themselves are made of wool, tweed, canvas and cotton.

Women Flat Cap Styles You Should Try

Flat caps are often attributed to men with working-class labourers, gangsters to newspaper handlers. Currently, the flat caps are not only synonymous with men, women can also wear this hat with a matching match. Here are the following flat cap styles on women.

1. Winter Season

Winter is identical to a sweater. Mix matching sweater with flat caps matching the colour with the sweater you have. You can solid match with jeans and boots to support your appearance. The boyish effect will be seen in this style. For makeup use natural makeup with pink lipstick or nude. Your appearance will look impressive.

2. Formal

Want to have a different look when going to work? Use the shirt, the vest and the blazer, solid match with trousers and penny loafer shoes. You can try to use pump shoes that will impress your girl looks. Give some accessories like a belt and choose a brighter colour from the clothes you wear. You can choose flat caps with motifs like boxes or other with the same colour as the belt. Your looks will be more sweet with glasses.

3. Semi-Formal

Go to an event but you do not want to wear formal wear? You can mix match t-shirt with blazer or shirt with a cardigan you have. Blue jeans are perfect to choose. Choose the accessories such as sling bags and ankle boots to enhance your appearance. Don't forget to use flat caps with the same colour as your jeans. You will look amazing.

4. Casual

Who says if flat caps are only used for formal wear only? Flat caps can also match you with a plain black shirt with skinny jeans pants. Your look will be cool with high boots knee shoes. In addition, you can also try t-shirts, cardigans with ripped jeans. Choose flat caps with other colours that can highlight your appearance.

5. Beauty looks

Could the dress suitable for the flat cover? Choose a dress with knee length, you can wear it with leggings and any shoe wedges. You can wear a coat to protect you from the cold season. It is recommended to select a flat cap with matching colours as a coat as well. If you don't have any dresses, you can wear mini skirts with leggings and mix matching it with ankle boat shoes. Choose a sweater or t-shirt with a turtleneck, your appearances will look sweet as well.