3 Home Decoration Mistakes that Actually Make Us Stress

3 Home Decoration Mistakes that Actually Make Us Stress

custom.my - Home atmosphere is not only about our cup of tea but also about the strength which may influence our mood. This can cause some emotions like calm, gloomy, fun, miserable and so on. Of course, home atmosphere increase or decrease our stress too.

3 Home Decoration Mistakes that Make Us Stress

Ideally, the home becomes a place that we can eliminate fatigue after getting work all along the day. But, how if the home make us more and wearier? This could be one of the triggers which are the fault of home décor.So, what must we avoid?

Too many cushions

Make sure that the cushions composition between bed and sofa fit each other. Do not put many pillows. Too many cushions in our home will create a bad scene. The atmosphere of the house looks a mess. Moreover, we have many cushions which have various patterns, details, and decorations. According to research, the messy and crowded room can increase stress hormones. Because of this, there are several impacts, for example, get insomnia and eat many foods.

Too much pattern in furniture or wall

Wallpaper is so noisy. Not yet, the couch has many patterns. Then, we are still putting various decorations on the cabinet and table. Don’t forget, sometimes we also put wall hangings. This condition makes us difficult to have the relaxed atmosphere. The blasting theme can affect our eyes more focus and our brain more work. So, we should limit the use of bustling home décor.

The colour of the wall is very bright

Several types of research show that some colours can create a calm such as white and blue. While another colour as like red and yellow raises the spirit. So, remember, when we want to repaint our home especially our bedroom, we must choose colour palette first.