Make Beautiful Room with Simple Patterned Cushion Ideas

Make Beautiful Room with Simple Patterned Cushion Ideas - When we want to decorate our bedroom, it doesn’t matter without any materials. The interesting view can also come from a simple thing like a sofa cushion. By using the pretty sofa and patterned cushions will make the view more catchy.

Make Beautiful Room with Patterned Custhions

Pick the cushions must not be based on a furniture or wall colour. But we may combine between the sofa and patterned cushions by using harmonious colours. These cushions will attract attention especially when our room has only blend of plain colours for the furniture. There are various choices which can be applied to our bedroom.

Flower Pattern

To create fresh room, we may pick the flower pattern. Several colours of flowers make our bedroom more adorable and cheerful. But, we should not choose many different floral motifs. It can make uncomfortable when we look at the room décor. It is suitable for feminine shades.

Batik Pattern

Batik? Why not? Batik pattern can become one of the best choices because it will bring up the classic shades. Ordinarily, this seems to blend with the rural theme. However, batik pattern can also fit for modern style. Because of many designs, we can adjust the batik pattern and furniture colour.

Geometrics Pattern

Cushions having a straight-line theme and plaid pattern is elegant. To keep off colliding colours, we can choose the line colour as suitable as the furniture colour. Gemotrics pattern of cushions makes our bedroom more dynamic. For the best choice, we may combine between light and neutral colour so that the bedroom is not monotonous.

Modern Pattern

As we know that polka dot is popular for home décor. This design gives us the simple and modern image. For a large bedroom, we can choose the big circle. But, we must pick small circle for the small room to keep off a narrow image.

Are you interested in trying? Just fit your own wish with several patterns above. Or, maybe you can make custom cushions. Have a nice décor.