Transform Our House Into A Stylish Place for Family Hangout

Transform Our House Into A Stylish Place for Family Hangout - “Home sweet home. And let’s make a cosy place for our paradise.” Know what we want to do for our house. Although we perhaps want our house to feel timeless and our décor is forever, but we can not deny that the trends play an extended role in our decorating process. And of course, we also want to decorate our house.

Transform Our House Into A Stylish Hangout

However, sometimes home décor is expensive or high-cost and we didn’t have much money for this plan. So, how to rearrange home decor by using less money? The first step is that we can choose our living room. Because this room makes many differences between before and after. Thus, let’s check the five ways to have a stylish hangout in our living room.

1) Simple furniture make a better place

Choose dark chair so that we have more place than we put two couches or armchair. Because this uses bigger place. Simple chair or furniture has an excellence in aerodynamics and gives lighter shades for our living room.

2) Multifunctional furniture

Pick the furnishings which functional as furniture and decoration, for example, we can use the ottoman chair as a seat, drawer and ornament. After that, we can put the cabinet as a good solution. Use every single place is as good as we need. Somehow, we must care for cabinet and another stuff because we can be stuck in small space.

3) Use wall art or decoration

Put several high stuff such as wall art which is set in a rather high place, bookshelf. We can use patterned floor lamps too. Cushions are one of the best solutions to make our home more adorable.

4) Pay attention to small furniture

Flower vase? Meal jars? Of course, we can put them into one patterned tray. Then put it on the table. Don’t set the couch too much in our living room. The small stuff makes a better view.

5) The simple living room should have a functional

Since the living room becomes one of the places of activity centres so we need to consider the aspects of its functionality. It means that we may put a sofa with three seats and wall cabinet to save the space. Choose the neutral colour for our home décor.

Perhaps, this tips can make us feel like Roberts said; “it feels very fresh and contemporary while also being decorative.”