Get Your Sticker Printing on

Get Your Sticker Printing on


A sticker is a printed material, whether text or picture, on paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material. On the other side, it has specialized adhesive to stick them on any surface. Stickers can be used for promotion, labels, education and so on.

Talking about size, we can find various size, shape, material, designs and colors of stickers available. As previously stated, stickers usages are very flexible indeed. We can apply them on our cars wind shields, windows, lockers, notebooks, walls, lunchboxes, bottles etc. We can even use it for temporary name.

In sticker printing businesses, there are some companies which provide those kind of products. But, we guarantee you will find a better service in

Sticker Types

With the huge market needs of stickers, here in, a leading personalised stickers Malaysia service, we produce a number of stickers, with different models, materials and purposes. Let’s check them out!

Get Your Sticker Printing on

The competition of providing the best quality product makes us improve over time. Therefore, when you need sticker printing in Ipoh, just contact us. No worries, we give our best service, no matter how many stickers you order. Call us, send your design via email, finish the payment, and you get it done. Wait, you don’t have the design? We have template design, examples to inspire you.

As one of stickers printing service in Malaysia, we’re working toward your satisfaction, even while you are on vacation. We have quality material, better service at affordable price. Therefore, with loads of choices available in our chamber, you can opt for a better ink or go for low-priced stuff. You can pay via bank transfer or if you have enough leisure time, just pass by to our office or workshop.