Trapezium Pouch, Custom Design Simple Pouch

Trapezium Pouch, Custom Design Simple Pouch

Trapezium Pouch, Custom Design Simple Pouch

Neatness indeed invites a comfort feeling for all who likes it. Small stuff is items that easy to sprawl and makes the room messy. Just like stationery, makeup tools, fashion accessories, and gadget accessories which always in neat if it is saved inside a pouch. Pouch with trapezium shape becomes one that is much-loved. The unique shape with compact size makes it suitable to carry small essential stuff in a right number. With colorful cover and numerous designs, it looks wonderful and not boring. Read on the whole information about trapezium pouch in this article!

Type of Pouch to Carry Your Small Essential Stuff

Here is various type of pouch often seen in the market with different functions:

Smartphone accessories pouch

Smartphone has important accessories that should be carried. Headset and charger become an important accessories that always seen together in this digital era. By using them, when smartphone battery is decreasing, supply charger can be done. Also by using them, listening to favorite music can be done anytime.

Rectangle classic pouch

This pouch is the most seen type. This zipper pouch is multifunction. One often become a purse to carry a smartphone, tablet,mone, pencil. Stationery, crayon, etc. Moreocer, it is also completed with handle that is easy to hold.

Pouch makeup

Bagi kaum hawa, membawa peralatan dasar makeup menjadi sebuah keharusan yang tidak bisa diabaikan. Kemana pun pergi, alat tempur ini harus selalu dibawa dan ada di jangkauan yang dekat. Membawanya satu-satu tanpa dimasukan pada satu tempat khusus sunguh merepotkan. Maka dari itu, pouch makeup penting untuk dimiliki agar semua alat rias tertata rapih dalam satu tempat.

Pencil case pouch

Special case for stationery like pencil, ruler, and eraser, there is one specific pouch name pencil pouch. It has a slim long rectangle shape following the form of pencil. It is widely used by students to keep the pencil for littering the bag.

Those are types of pouch that usually found out in the market. Trapezium pouch is one of a kind that is multifunction. Many use it for makeup, stationery, or also for carrying money.

Design Inspiration to be Printed on the Trapezium Pouch

Today, all can be personalized and having trapezium pouch with any favorite design is not that difficult. The trapezium pouch printing service is now available online. When you want to make custom pouch and confused with what kind of design to be printed on, use the designs below:

Pink flamingo

For the ones like feminine style, printing trapezium pouch with pink flamingo design is a right choice. With the right motif size, the pink color flamingo is truly representing the feminine soul inside you.

Green Tropical Leaf

Almost the same with pink flamingo motif, green tropical leaf present a clean vibe with a bright white background color. The printed dense green will show the natural impression. Other types of leaf from tropical region are also suitable to be printed and beautify the outside of trapezium pouch.

Cartoon motif

Cartoon motif never fails giving additional beauty on various item made of garment materials, included pouch. The right choice of cartoon character can make the appearance of the being made custom pouch much more fun.


Text which is easy to be read, to be understood, and trigger each pair of eyes is great to be printed on the trapezium pouch. With solid background color, make sure the color of the text design is contrast so it will not make all the eyes who look feeling dizzy.


For an event, pouch also can be used as souvenir to increase the brand awareness. Print product or service brand that is now being marketed and spread it all to the right target.

Inspiration always can be found everywhere. In fact in this digital era, information are spreading quickly so looking for inspiration is not that difficult compared to the old time., a Website to Print High-quality Custom Trapezium Pouch!

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