City Strolling with The Practical Drawstring Bag

City Strolling with The Practical Drawstring Bag

City Strolling with The Practical Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bag is a bag used with piggy back way just like backpack. The difference is on the strap/rope, drawstring rope on drawstring bag is the aperture mechanism and also used as rope to be brought on the shoulders. Drawstring bag is widely use because of the simple model but has advantage and multifunction too. The affordable prices than other bags makes it one of the best marketing attributes. Many companies giving the drawstring bag printed with their brand products on it.

Called as drawstring because the open-close access of it is very unique, draw the string. To open and close it, just pull the string. It is really practical to be used as small stuff storage or even as organizer that then will be brought inside the bigger bag. The string used by this bag is actually also be applied on other bags like rucksack, duffle, and pouch drawstring pouch. The thing is the bag or the storage do not use the string as the rope to bring the bag.

For clearer explanation, this article focuses reviewing types of drawstring use, how to take care of it, and there is a little but important information about custom printing drawstring bag service where you can make one with your own creation motif design. Read fully until the end!

How People Use Drawstring Bag

The affordable prices with good quality that is offered makes the drawstring bag used for various purposes. Range from personal use to big company needs in their new product campaign or the service they offer. Here is the list of drawstring use:

Hang out

Drawstring bag becomes an alternative choice bag to be used for casual hang out in relaxing time. Going to the mall, hanging out with friends, or even only window shopping will be suitable with bringing drawstring bag because of its ability to carry small stuff such as pouch, smartphone, and other gadgets.


Though it is not running attribute, but it is often seen many runners carrying drawstring bag. Whether that drawstring bag is purposely bought or a gear they got from running event, this bag is comfortable to be carried while having much movements as it is very lightweight.


In recreation objects that sell the unique souvenir from its city, nowadays many mainstream stuff like key chain, t-shirt, wall décor, etc, and drawstring bag also become one of these souvenirs. With drawstring bag that print the name of the city or the recreation object, the bag is enough to be the travel souvenir.

Travel kit

For traveler, drawstring bag can be used as one of the travel kits they bring. It can be folded so its presence is able to be an additional storage to load stuff if one brings many souvenirs for instance. Moreover, it can be used as organizer for storing clothes, flip-flop, towel, etc. Luggage becomes much tidy by using some drawstring bag as organizer.


The drawstring bag that is made of the material that can prevent water leak so it is suitable to be used as toiletry. You can store toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shower puff, etc. It is so practical to get into shower just by take out your special toiletry drawstring bag.

Taking Care of Your Beloved Drawstring Bag

To keep the drawstring bag color just like a new one, taking care of it is required. Here are some tips you can do at home:

Keep the cleanliness of the drawstring bag by frequently washing it or when it looks dirty. Even though protecting the color and look to appear like still new is impossible but cleanliness is important.

Washing process started with soaking it under detergent-mixed water. It does not need long a long time, 10 up to 15 minutes is enough to shed all the attached dirt. Ensure the detergent contains no bleacher so it will not damage the bag color.

Then softly rub it with hands or if you use washing machine, select soft wash mode. Before rubbing it make sure to reverse the inner side out. It has function to prevent the printed motif design on the outside getting rubbed.

Rinse with flowing water so there is no any foam left. The leftover foam can leave white stain on the fabric. It reduces the aesthetic value of the bag.

Squeeze slowly so the water out from the bag and the drying process run quickly.

Dry it off using hanger outside the room. The outside printing design is still on the inside so the sunlight exposure will not damage the color.

When it is totally dry, take it inside and tide up before store it with hanger or just fold and stack it.

Those are the tips how to taking care of your drawstring bag that can be followed to it will still be well kept and durable.

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