Fabric Printing Malaysia for Fashion Industry

Fabric Printing Malaysia for Fashion Industry


How fabric printing Malaysia can affect a fashion industry is something we can expect nowadays. You can say that fabric printing is the greatest innovation of 21st century fashion. With improved print fabric technologies, most of designers can produce creative fashion result while allow themselves to innovate their brand’s products. Print fabric becomes more recognizable and more important in the branding of fashion companies especially because now most of designers rely on digital technologies including fabric printing.

 Fabric printing technologies on clothing industry

Digital print fabric is the tool that works very best for fashion industry. When designers want to make custom design for their clothing or dress then using digital fabric can be helpful. It creates unlimited ideas while put them right on fabric. For fashion companies, the high demand for their products causing them to use a tool that can produce mass products, showing them to buyers, and then get more orders which reach greater amounts. At first, fabric printing Malaysia tends to be used in small runs, but nowadays people and not only fashion industry use that so they can meet markets demand.

In other words, print fabric can give designers a freedom to be creative and innovative in textiles so they can think that the garment or any other materials as the blank canvas. It is the most efficient way to make a custom clothing with the cost that not so high and the fabric that can be wearable, retail-able, and washable plus be made as other parts, of course using fabric printing will result in more benefits for fashion industry in worldwide.

3D fabric printing influences on fashion industry

3D fabric printing is nothing new in fashion industry; the 3D printing itself is already invented in 1984. And in 2011, TIME magazine shows a 3D printed dress and it is included in the 50 Best Inventions of the Year 2011. It is prove that print fabric becomes more prominent and with the growing demand for more creative and unique fashions, 3D fabric printing has great potential for the fashion industry.

In conclusion, we will see that print fabric will always evolve and needed in fashion industry, from simple traditional printing technique into digital printing method and so on. The development will create more next step in fashion industry and expect unlimited boundaries for creative and innovative ideas come from designers and its companies.