Introduction to Digital Fabric Printing Malaysia

Introduction to Digital Fabric Printing Malaysia

Fabric printing is a technology with tons of application nowadays and still increasing significantly. There are two methods can be used to print fabric, the first one is by using traditional printing that known so well worldwide and second is digital fabric printing which successfully stealing the market of traditional method. This is due to digital production can provide immediate results, cost and time saving, as well as flexibility which cannot be provided by traditional processing. Therefore, digital printing is the best choice for those who want to join in print on demand technology which lately becomes more and more requested.

Digital Fabric Printing Malaysia is in the spotlight

Digital fabric printing seems strongly climbing the market ranking thanks to its various application in many areas especially if you talking about business industries and it can even opening new markets. There are several fabric printing application that we can identify, such as in:

You can make your own custom products by using this technologies and applying them to your end products. The fast growth of fabric printing technology is due to the high demand and different request of companies or brands especially those who hold fashion industry and home furnishing. New purchases can be made because of consumption habits of various people who want to have wider range of styles and trends in patterns, colors, and models. Print fabric possible to answer that and even shortening time to market process. The immediate result which can be provided by fabric printing techno ensures the possibilities of cost and time saving.

3 Available inkjet technologies

There are 3 available inkjet technologies to print fabric materials such as:

  1. Sublimation printing
  2. Direct to garment printing or DTG
  3. Direct roll to roll printing

Each of them have their own advantages but mostly can produce high quality results and has opened new opportunities in printing industry. T-shirt printing for example, it usually includes DTG printing with inks applied directly on the fabric material. However, you need to pick the right printer machine plus the inks to make a good duet and make sure that the inks can be absorbed by the materials easily. T-shirt printing industry is just one of those mature businesses that use fabric printing Malaysia and there are still so many different possible applications which available these days.