How to Make Custom Fabric Printing Cushion

How to Make Custom Fabric Printing Cushion

Whether you are a crafter, an artist, or you just want to find a creative way to spend your holiday then why do not you try these steps about how to make custom fabric printing cushion? There are several nice ideas to make your old cushion better than never and one of them is to create personalized photo cushion with fabric printing Malaysia method. Here are easy step by step that you can follow at home.


DIY tutorial for custom fabric printing cushion

Things you need to prepare:

Here are the steps you can follow such as:

  1. First thing first, you need to pick the photo/ picture that you want to print on your transfer paper print fabric. You can also add some texts on the pictures.
  2. After that, simply print your photo onto iron-on transfer paper sheet before you print fabric it.
  3. Place the transfer paper sheet onto your old pillowcase or t-shirt/ old cushion sheet. Put the transfer paper precisely before you move on the next step.
  4. Place your work on the iron board and then heat up the iron and carefully ironing the transfer paper which already be placed onto the sheet. Make sure to predict whether the pictures/ photos will attach properly on the sheet before you remove the iron.
  5. After you wait for a couple of minutes and the transfer paper sheet cooling down, simply peel away the paper to reveal your awesome picture/ photo!
  6. If you use old t-shirt or old pillowcase instead using your old cushion sheet then you just need to sew the right size to make it as cushion. You can stuff your cushion with cushion filling material.

Actually there are other ways to make DIY fabric printing cushion, but above tips is the simplest one among all. You can always try other methods in next time. Last but not least, to make your cushion more pretty, you can use your original pattern designs instead your photos. Of course this requires creativity to make good designs for your cushion, but it is worth to try especially if you want to sell your custom fabric printing Malaysia products in small market and such. Print fabric is a fun way to spend your weekend and hope you try above tips.