A Selection of Women's Fashionable Hat Styles for Summer

A Selection of Women's Fashionable Hat Styles for Summer

custom.my - Summer is a very good weather for sunbathing, right? Remember to protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen. You should also have to protect the face area with accessories, like a hat. Well, what kind of hat is fashionable to wear in summer?

Here's a selection of women's fashionable hat styles for summer

1. Fedora

Fedora will make you look cool. Mix matching it with any clothes, Fedora will add to your appearance becomes more wonderful. Fedora is suitable for you who like the style that is simple and stylish. Choose tops like long t-shirt or summer dress and short jean pants will make you look more stylish.

2. Boater hat

This hat is very popular in the 19th century, for you who want to look classic and stylish you can choose this hat as your choice. This hat is very cute and suitable for you who like to look girlish. Try this style with different clothes you have. Add other accessories such as sunglasses that can make you stand out more.

3. Floppy

Favourite women's beach hat, floppy hat. Floppy hat has a characteristic on the outside of the hat that is wide brim and able to protect our face from the sun. Floppy hat has a colour with a variety of motives, other than that anyone who wore this hat will look cute. Floppy hat will be more cute look if you wear dresses or shirt with Sabrina model as in the picture above.

4. Bucket hat

Wearing this hat will remind you when your father goes fishing. Try to pick a bucket hat with the colours and pattern that you like. With good pattern selection, your looks like will be very adorable in the bright summer.Choose like tank tops or dresses your look will be so cute. They can do well in shielding out the summer heat.

5. Trucker Hats

Boyish look in summer, why not? Trucker hat is the right choice for you. With a bandage of skinny jeans and T-shirts with hair tied up and wearing a trucker hat. Your boyish appearance will be sporty and cute. Your look will be perfect if you use sneaker or boots. Try to choose a bright colour that suits the summer.

So, what are your favourite styles? Choose one of the hat styles that is suit for you. Good luck and happy summer, ladies. 

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