Top 5 Home Decor Trends for Favourited by Millenials in 2018

Top 5 Home Decor Trends for Favourited by Millenials in 2018 - Ready or not, 2018 is coming. Most people wonder about home décor today. Some designers and brands expect that the home décor will be bolder than before by using more jewel, colour and others.

Top 5 Home Decor Trends for Favourited by Millenials in 2018

But, the Sheknows magazine has a home décor designer give some prediction about the best trends in 2018.

• Fun Pops of Colour

Among people think that neutral and dark colour is not good for the wall. Because according to them, the wall with these colours makes gloomy or no colour. When we use them, we can have many accents and furniture with bold blues, turquoises, pink, green, red and another which show contrast scene for our home.

• Inspired, Artisanal Touches

Most people who have an artistic soul will touch their home with artisanal stuff such as handicrafts or other artworks. The home looks more fabulous. The interior design will show our love for culture, art, journey, and craft.

• The New Neutrals

As we know, 2017 made pale grey become a prima donna. Of course, 2018 will be having a new trend by using the new colour. In general, people know that white and cream are natural colours, but Ana Peterson, from Indigo Studio and Design in Charleston, South Carolina, says that black colour with smooth hue will become a star.

• Pattern Play

“I think that people find their happiness from removable wallpaper, fun, permanent, and easy to be made,” said Peterson. This statement gives information that several trends have developed from rapid technological growth. Peterson suggested for 2018 that the pattern is bold geometry on the wallpaper.

• Natural Materials

Back to nature. Now, we always listen to this quote. Do not want to miss it, public hope their home can have a natural material too. Especially, the wood material will be more dominant. Because this gives a warmth, so the atmosphere of the room became calm.