Get Your Custom T-Shirt on

Get Your Custom T-Shirt on

T- Shirts

Be honest, it’s difficult to find teenager or adults who never wear, or at least know about T-shirts. The popularity also reaches kids and elder generation. Basically, T-shirt is a unisex fashion outfit made from light rather cheap fabric, and easy to clean and wear. They have no collar and most of them have round neckline, which is called as a crew neck. Their sleeves are usually short, although there are long-sleeves, but they are uncommon.

T-Shirt Models

The initial T-shirts model, it is an outfit with a crew neck and short sleeves. Then, it develops in to different designs, fabrics and decoration, like long sleeves, V-neck, exclusively made for celebrity concert, merchandises and also custom T-shirts.

Furthermore, we have tall / long T-shirts, whatever you call them, T-shirts which extend to the knees, introduced by hip hop generation. Then, T-dress (T-shirts dress) popped up. T-dress can be worn without pants. As variations, there was a trend when women wear tight-fitting cropped T-shirt. Next, we have Baby Doll T-shirts, T-shirts that are tight to the body. You may wonder, a trend of wearing a long-sleeved T-shirts with contrasting color ever existed.

There is no doubt that T-shirts stand as one of the most worn fashion product today. Thousands companies, bands, artist love to have T-shirts as their merchandise, because they are affordable to make and get.

Custom T-Shirt

Basically, T-shirts were worn as undershirts, nevertheless, now we wear T-shirts as our main clothes. The simplicity of design, fabric makes them become a way to express anything. We easily see people use them as kind of identity. We can start from a group of football fans, artist fan base, company casual outfit, the list goes on. If staffs requires casual atmosphere, then they can wear T-shirts as uniform, like Facebook, Google, event organizer crews, etc. They design based on their preferences and brands. If you design your own T-shirts, you can call that as custom T-shirts. Custom T-shirts are also useful for self-expression and advertising, with any logo, words, quotes, art and pictures in front. You may establish environmental organization; in that case, you can easily promote yours, send message for people to save our beloved earth, by wearing custom T-shirt.

Get Your Custom T-Shirt on

Speaking all of the benefit you got from custom T-shirts, you may wonder where you can get such service. No worries, we provide a service to fulfill your need. Just call us, send your design via email, finish the payment, and you get it done. What if you don’t have the design? No worries! Here in, you can custom T-shirts online by choosing from our template design. You can order custom T-shirt with no minimum order. We’re working on your stuff when you are sitting on your couch. It’s a piece of cake. We have quality fabric at affordable price; you can opt for a better fabric or go for low-priced material. In, we pick the best fabric on its class. You can do payment via bank transfer or if you have time, just pass by to our office or workshop. For your information, we are one of the leading custom T-shirt makers in Malaysia. So, it is definitely safe and easy.